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Oct 26, 10 7:35 PM
Progression Update
Oct 23, 10 2:31 PM
Ad Astra is back!
Sep 27, 10 1:30 AM
Death to the Frost Queen
Mar 27, 10 1:51 AM
Feb 21, 10 1:44 AM
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Welcome to the Ad Astra Guild Site

Ad Astra is a progression raiding guild, we raid 2:30am-6:00am server time, Sunday-Thursday. So if your a nightowl this is the place for you.

ICC 10 12/12
HICC 10 11/12

Recruit needs to go to the Recruitment forum to post an app
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Naronas, Oct 26, 10 7:35 PM.
Forgot to update this, we ended up 2 shotting H Sindy the next night.  So onto LK and drake runs!

Progression Update

Naronas, Oct 23, 10 2:31 PM.
Well, we burnt through some progression last night, Including A 3 shot on PP, and a 1 shot on Val.  ALso knocked out Full House, and redid the plague wing achivs.  10/12 H ICC now, hoping to be 11 by the end of the night.

Ad Astra is back!

Naronas, Sep 27, 10 1:30 AM.
Well, after a several month forced absence due to some technical difficulties, Ad Astra is once again recruiting all classes for Hard mode progression raiding!  We intend on reclaiming our spot as the best late night guild on Ysera.  If your interested, contact one of our officers or myself in game.

Death to the Frost Queen

Naronas, Mar 27, 10 1:51 AM.
Yup, Sindigrosa down at long last.  FInnaly after 3 weeks of various computer problems, IRL problems, and internet problems, we got some good attempts in, and got a kill, on Sindigrosa.  On to the lich kings at long last.

I cant seem to figure out how to upload the image with there new damn image uploader, so posted in gallery instead.


Naronas, Feb 21, 10 1:44 AM.
Been a few weeks since I've updated (Damn you in game holidays...)  Scored a ToGC finish, 2 off of mad skill.  Also been making some nice progress on Sindragosa.  We are officially a 25 man ranked guild now, and were hoping to move up pretty quickly in that.

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